Applying a Stipple Sheetrock Texture Applying a Stipple Sheetrock Texture

What You'll Need
Drywall compound

You can turn a plain boring ceiling into one that has character and interest by simply adding sheetrock texture. With tools and materials as common as a brush or sponge, even the least experienced do-it-yourselfer can add a variety of textures to his ceiling. Follow the simple steps below to complete this project.

Step 1 – Mixing Your Mud

To create a stipple pattern on your ceiling, you will need to mix your mud to the right consistency. Add a small amount of water to your sheetrock mud (compound), one tablespoon at a time. Mix until your mud is thin enough that when you touch an applicator such as a brush, sponge or roller to it, then withdraw the applicator, it will leave stipples or small peaks or ridges. If, when thinned, your mud runs off your trowel or applicator, the mud is too thin. If this happens, add more compound until it is the right consistency.

Step 2 – Applying Your Mud

Once you have dipped your applicator in your thin mud, apply the mud to the ceiling surface. Dob the mud onto the ceiling and pull your applicator straight back from the surface. If this fails to leave a stippled appearance, your mud may be too dry or you may need more mud on your applicator.

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