Applying Car Window Tinting

What You'll Need
A spray bottle
Glass cleaner
Liquid soap
A utility knife
A squeegee

Car window tinting can provide privacy and reduce heat in the interior cause by sunlight. Preventing sunlight from passing through car windows can also reduce fading of interior fabric.

Step 1 – Cleaning the Window Glass

Use a quality glass cleaner to clean the inside and outside of the window. Spray the cleaner onto the glass on one side. Use paper towel to wipe the glass. Use a squeegee to remove any excess liquid from the glass. Continue with the inside glass.

Step 2 – Combining the Soap and Water

Fill a spray bottle with clear, warm water. Add 3 squirts of liquid soap to the water. Secure the nozzle and shake the bottle in order to thoroughly combine the mixture.

Step 3 – Applying the Soap and Water Solution

Choose the first window you wish to tint. Ensure that the car window is fully closed before you begin. Spray the solution to the outside of the window. Carefully place the tint onto the window. The clear sheet should face outward. The film side of the tint should face inward.

Step 4 – Cutting the Tint

Determine the necessary size of tint to cut for the window. Gently smooth the tint onto the window to remove any air bubbles, bumps and wrinkles. Use the utility knife to carefully cut the tint you need for the window. Slide the tint material in order to align the bottom of the tint with the lower rubber window gasket. Use the utility knife to make the vertical cuts along the window sides. Lift the tint off the glass. Roll the window down about two inches. Position the tint along the top of the window and make the top horizontal cut of the tint. The solution will hold the tint in place.

Step 5 – Removing the Tint Backing

If necessary, use the utility knife to begin pulling the tint backing from the window tint. Loosely adhere the top edge of the tint to the outside of the window. Continue pulling the backing from the entire piece of tint.

Step 6 – Applying the Tint

Carefully remove the tint from the outside of the window. Begin to position the tint on the inside of the window, starting at the top. Apply the tint to top edge and then slowly and carefully remove the backing from the tint you cut for the first window. Be careful not to align the tint with the window edge. This could cause the tint to peel. Gently press the tint onto the glass as you are removing the backing.

Step 7 – Smoothing the Tint

Use your squeegee to smooth any bubbles, wrinkles or bumps from the tint. Carefully run the squeegee in one direction across the window.

Step 8 – Spraying the Tint

Spray the soap and water solution over the tint once it has been completely adhered to the window. Wipe any smears or debris from the tint.

Step 9 – Allowing the Tint to Dry

Use the squeegee to remove any excess water from the window and tint. Allow the tint to dry completely. Continue the process with the other windows in the vehicle. Wait two days before rolling the window down to ensure the tint adheres properly to the glass.