Applying Ceramic Tile Grout Sealer

Lead Image for Applying Ceramic Tile Grout Sealer

Ceramic tile grout is traditionally one of the biggest problem areas for many homeowners. People complain about it staining and looking dirty very easily. However, most of the common problems with grout can be avoided by sealing the grout periodically. Sealing the grout properly can protect it from stains and help keep liquids out of the grout altogether. Sealing grout is a very simple process that can be done by anyone to help their floor look better longer. Here are the basics of how to seal the grout on a ceramic tile floor.

Measure the Floor

The first thing that you should do is measure the floor space that you are planning on sealing. Grout sealant comes in a few different sizes and it is good to have a basic idea of how many square feet of flooring you are covering so that you will know which size sealer to buy. Multiply the length and the width to get the square footage of the room.

Choose the Proper Sealant

Once you know how many feet you are covering with the sealer, you need to make sure that you buy the right sealer. Get the right size for the job and get the right kind of sealer. There are different kinds of sealers on the market for different materials. You could choose a penetrating or membrane-forming grout sealer for your project. Both are very good options and they will both help your grout stay sealed up.

Sweep the Floor

Once you are ready to start applying the sealant, you should sweep the floor and remove any dust with your dustpan. Any dust or dirt that is left on the grout will be sealed up underneath the sealer. This means that you will be able to see the dirt and dust for as long as the sealant lasts.

Mop the Floor

After you sweep the dirt and dust out, you should also give the floor a quick mopping just to make sure that nothing is still on the floor. Sealing in anything into the grout is something that you want to avoid and mopping will help you make sure that nothing is on the floor.

Apply the Sealer

Some grout sealers have an application tip that allows you to just brush the sealer into the joints as you go. If yours has that, it is very convenient and simple. Another popular type of sealant allows you to spray it onto the joints. Regardless of what type of sealant you have, apply it to the grout joints and then wipe off the excess sealer with a rag.

Allow Sealer to Dry

Once you have applied the sealer to the grout joints, you need to allow it ample time to dry. You may want to put a few fans on the room as well to help the grout dry out faster.

Apply Second Coat

If you have a penetrating sealer, the first application might have completely soaked into the grout. If so, you will want to apply a second layer of sealer to the joints and repeat the process.