Applying Foundation Insulation Coating Applying Foundation Insulation Coating

What You'll Need
Rigid foam insulation
Tape measure

Foundation insulation is very important as it will prevent too much heat loss from your home. Installing the foundation insulation is actually very simple. As long as you take your time you can install the foundation insulation well enough to prevent excess heat loss.

The easiest type of foundation insulation coating will be rigid foam insulation. Rigid foam insulation is easy to handle because it is available in pieces which can be cut to shape and size easily.

Step 1 - Measure

Measure the size of your foundation so that you can cut the insulation to the correct shape and size.

Step 2 - Marking

Now mark the sizes required on the insulation. This can be marked using a pencil. It's important that the measurements are accurate so that the insulation fits snugly.

Step 3 - Cutting

Cut the insulation along the lines by using a saw. Try to make the cuts as smooth and accurate as possible. This will make it much easier to install and fit the insulation against the foundation.

Step 4 - Fitting Insulation

The insulation can then be fixed against the foundation using screws. Make sure that the insulation is firmly fixed so that it does its job properly. Prepare the exterior of the house using whichever technique you want to use including siding or other solutions.

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