Applying Grout Sealer: Mistakes to Avoid


For the homeowner looking to keep their kitchen or bathroom looking clean and fresh by installing tile, it is essential that they know how to apply grout and grout sealer. Here are a few tips about mistakes you should avoid making.

Sealing Damp Grout

Sealing tile grout before its dry can turn an otherwise professional job into a virtual mess. You cannot effectively seal grout before it is hard and dry. You can apply the seal, yes, but the sealer will soon peel or flake, leaving your grout vulnerable to stains and dirt.

Allowing Sealer to Dry on Your Tile

Sealers typically dry quickly, whether they are covering tile grout or the tile. It is difficult to seal tile without the sealer inadvertently covering at least a small portion of the tile. Once your sealant has dried on the tile surface, you will likely soon see noticeable spots on your tile that will spoil its beauty and sheen. Some sealers take longer to dry than others, it is true, but to be safe always clean away with a soft absorbent cloth any sealant you have mistakenly applied to your tile.

Spray-On Sealant

Sealant designed to be sprayed directly onto your tile grout may give you an easy and quick way to apply sealant, but be aware of it's disadvantages. If you spray the sealant from a standing position, you lose some of the accuracy you would have from being closer to the tile grout. In spraying, you are almost certain to apply the sealer to your tile surface and will need to spend unnecessary time cleaning the spray off your tile. You are also more likely to miss covering all your grout with sealant.

Haphazard Application

Your sealer, and consequently your grout and tile, will look more uniform and will more likely protect your grout and tile from stains and moisture if you apply them with a plan. Rather than randomly applying your sealer, begin at a corner of the room and work your way across the tile. Otherwise, you may find yourself skipping some areas that should have been covered. Also, areas that may have been only partially covered can quickly dry before they are completely covered.

Excess Sealant

As easy as it is to get sealant on areas that should not be covered, you may find yourself becoming impatient with having to clean the sealant off more tile than you had planned. Don't give up. Even though these the sealant on these areas may seem difficult to remove, you will be able to remove them if you buff vigorously with your rag.