Applying Paint Sealant to Metal Roofs

metal roof
What You'll Need
Paint sealant
Patching cement
Stiff bristle paint brush

If you have a painted metal roof, you’re going to need to put paint sealant on it to make sure the roof is completely weather-resistant. Metal roofs have seams, flashing and other joins where water can get in and cause damage. It’s not difficult to apply paint sealant but you do need a head for heights. You also need to do a thorough job.

Step 1 - Clean the Roof

Your roof might already be painted but you want to be sure that it’s completely clean before you apply paint sealant. To do this, you need to be up on the roof after climbing the ladder and sweep it all completely clean. Inspect the seams and joints as well as the screws. Paint can color but it doesn’t always cover particularly well.

You will need to put patching cement over the joints as well as on screw heads and over the seams. Make sure the seams haven’t popped anywhere and if they have, make sure you rivet them back together. For this you should use a paint brush with stiff bristles and work the patching cement in well. Allow to dry completely

Step 2 - Know Your Sealant

You can’t just open the paint sealant and begin to apply it to the roof. It needs to be mixed first and you need to be aware of how best to use it. Take time to read the instructions. You’ll see that the paint sealant is only supposed to cover a certain area of the roof. You should not try to go beyond that or your covering will be too thin to be effective. Nor should you attempt to thin it in order to make it go further.You need to make sure it’s properly and thoroughly mixed before use.

Step 3 - Applying Sealant

Take your paint sealant up the ladder along with a paint roller meant for roof application (you can also use a roof brush if you choose). You should also have a long handle for the roller. This will enable you to reach to the far side of the roof without having to move too far; this can be important to avoid stepping in the wet sealant as you work.

Start by roughly measuring out the correct area of coverage for a container of sealant. You don’t need to mark it but just keep it in your mind. Begin from one end of the roof, taking special care to work the paint sealant into all the seams and joints over the patching cement. Make sure you use enough of the paint sealant to give good coverage on the metal roof.

Step 4 - Finishing

Remember to keep moving your ladder along the roof as you work or you’ll find yourself stranded when you finish the roof with no way to get down. Take your time working to be sure you cover everything. Give the paint sealant ample time to dry before you walk on it.