Applying Privacy Window Film In Your Home

What You'll Need
Window Privacy and Security Film (frosted or tinted)
Utility Knife
Homemade Cleaner (1 tablespoon no-tears baby shampoo to 1 gallon of water)
Spray Bottle; filled with homemade cleaner
Straightedge or Metal Ruler
Coffee Filters
Invisible Tape

Professionals are constantly showing ads about installing privacy window film and even though the added privacy is nice, for most people the added cost is not worth it. Security film is similar to car tinting so why not add the tint yourself? The following steps will show you how to apply privacy window film correctly and inexpensively.

Step 1 - Preparing the Film and Windows

When you first begin to apply security film it is important to be prepared. Start by measuring each window you plan to cover with security film. Next, purchase the film you need. Don't forget to purchase an extra 15% to account for mistakes. Next, cut the privacy window film to 1-inch larger all around than your measurements. Clean the windows thoroughly and wiping it dry with the coffee filters.

Step 2 - Applying the Window Privacy Film

With your window perfectly clean and the security film cut you are ready to start application. It is important to do this project in the early morning as heat from the sun can cause mistakes. Start by spraying the window with the homemade cleaner. Make sure to keep your hands wet as you work to prevent fingerprints. Now, place one piece of invisible tape to each top corner and pull away the backing from the security film until an inch is exposed. Begin spraying the film with your homemade cleaner. If you are working with large pieces then you may need someone to help you. Beginning at the top of the window, put the adhesive side of the security film on the glass making sure it is centered, then spray the film again with cleaner making sure it remains wet while you apply the film downward.

Step 3 - Finishing the Job

Make sure that the window privacy film is wet with the cleaner. First, use the squeegee to remove any bubbles that may have appeared and push them within 2-inches of the edge of the window. Now, trim the overhang of the film leaving 1/16-inch on the edge using the utility knife. Finally, spray the security film liberally with the cleaner and squeegee to remove any leftover bubbles.

The window privacy film will begin to adhere to your window within 30 minutes from the time you finished. Be careful not to clean the security film just yet as it will take one week to ten days for the adhesive on the film to cure to make a sturdy bond. Once the film has bonded to the window only clean it with the homemade cleaner.