Applying Stainless Steel Appliance Panels

What You'll Need
Stainless steel face panels
Stainless steel resurfacing kit
Stainless steel cleaner
Tape measure

Stainless steel appliances are all the rage, but it's actually possible to make your own appliances look stainless steel by using appliance panels. These can be fitted easily onto the surfaces of your appliances to refresh them and make them look much more fashionable. If your kitchen appliances still look like they are rejects from 1980 then you can give them a much more modern look instantly without spending a fortune. Stainless steel appliance panels are relatively cheap compared to replacing all of your appliances. With the right tools and materials available you should be able to fix stainless steel appliance panels onto any appliance in your kitchen.

Step 1 - Finding Appliance Panels

Decide whether you will be able to use a generic face panel or whether you need to get a special customized one. If your model of appliance is still being made then you may be able to get a replacement door panel in stainless steel.

If not, then you should measure up to see whether a standard panel will fit. You could always talk to a sheet metal company to get one cut to the right size. When working with certain appliances such as the fridge you will need to use custom-made panels which wrap perfectly around the shape of your appliance. Give it some thought to decide whether or not you can get away with using regular panels.

Step 2 - Replacing the Dishwasher Panels

Remove the 2 screws at the bottom of the dishwasher which hold the main panel in place. Once this is removed it should be possible to remove the trim and panel. Now simply place the new stainless steel panel where the old one went and screw the panel back into place so that it can't move.

The upper section of the dishwasher door can also be unscrewed in the same way, once this is removed you can replace it with the stainless steel panel.

Step 3 - Working on the Fridge

Take off the trim strip which covers the screws along the fridge door. Unscrew all of the screws and the panel should come away quite easily. This will normally need a custom-designed panel to wrap around the door.

Replace the old panel with he new one by ensuring that it's kept in the grooves. Use a screwdriver to fix the panel in place. The magnetic fixing caps can then be replaced to complete the look.

Step 4 - Cleaning

Stainless steel gets marked very easily and after fitting it it's probably covered in hundreds of fingerprints. Clean these fingerprints off using stainless steel cleaner. If you are using brushed stainless steel then you must always go with the grain to reduce scratches. If you ever scratch it then it will take a lot of polishing to get it looking its best again.