Applying Veneers To Concrete Slabs

What You'll Need
A level
A measuring tape
Waterproof membrane
A self-leveling floating product

If your backyard leisure area has a plain concrete patio slab, adding veneer brick or another veneer product can spruce up the space considerably, transforming an unfinished drab patio into valuable living space. You don’t have to hire a professional to get this job done. Taking it on yourself will save money while allowing you to be your own designer.

Step 1: Preparation

Calculate the square footage to acquire the necessary amount of materials to use. Investigate what kind of veneer to use and if selecting brick, pick a pattern. Go to a local home improvement store to examine what veneers are available. There are a wide variety of lightweight masonry veneers including faux brick, stone and many more. Set a budget first and make sure your measurements are accurate so you maximize your investment. You might want to do a little comparison shopping, also, before you make a purchase.

Step 2: Clean First

Make sure the concrete slab is clean and clear of any debris. Use a degreaser or other cleaning agent or, perhaps, power wash the slab for extra added cleaning.

Step 3:  Ensure the Slab Is Level

If not, apply a self-leveling product if you discover the concrete surface is not straight. Allow the self-leveling product 48 hours to dry sufficiently.

Step 4: Waterproof

It is recommended to apply a waterproof membrane to the concrete slab following the manufacturer’s directions. Allow for sufficient drying time before proceeding.

Step 5: Square It

Make sure the concrete slab area is square to any existing walls.

Step 6: Adhesive

Apply the adhesive per the manufacturer’s directions.

Step 7 – Place Veneer

Place your selected veneer on the adhesive applying it firmly in whatever pattern or area you have chosen. Continue until all the veneer has been applied.

Always buy an extra amount of veneer in the event a need arises to cover mistakes or make additions in the future so you have on hand the same type product originally used.

Purchase extra veneer material to cover mistakes and breakages that may occur during application. Also, make sure you purchase the correct adhesive or mortar. Check with the veneer manufacturer’s recommendations about which bonding agent will work efficiently with your selected veneer product.

Also, remember to follow a couple of tried and true construction tips that will help complete your project successfully. Always take measurements at least twice so you don’t have to spend time acquiring additional materials that you could have purchased all at once if your measurements were correct. Also, work at a slow, deliberate pace to ensure not only safety but accuracy as well.