Aquaponics: What Pump Size to Use

The need to know aquaponic pump size is becoming a must these days due to the growing community of people that are trying to produce their own fresh vegetables and the ability to breed fish. The plants that are grown soak up the nutrient filled water and they reduce the toxicity of the water for the fish growing within. This can be resourceful if you are looking to supply produce or fresh fish for your family or to sell to others. But there is a lot of information floating around about aquaponics and how to build your own. This looks simple enough but it requires a little bit of planning and calculating exactly what you will need to complete your aquaponics system. This simple figure will help you to decide what size of pump to purchase amidst your planning process, but should only be used as a guide. For simplicity sake, the pump described here is a water pump.

Pump Size to Use at 250V (lph=liters per hour)

  • 750 lph=10.5W
  • 1200lph=14.5W
  • 1500lph=25W
  • 2000lph=48W
  • 3000lph=66W

This can vary according to the size and the amount of time that you have the pump running and using a timer will help to save you money on your electricity bill. Aquaponics can vary a lot because they have such size differences, industrial and small scale operations. The above figure should assist with smaller scale operations.