Arch Top Window vs Rectangular Window

When you replace windows in your home, you can choose from several styles, including arch top windows and rectangular windows. The article that follows will share some of the differences between these two types so that you can make an informed decision.

Installation Process

Rectangular windows are very standard to homes, which makes them easy to install. Rectangular windows are also often standard in their sizes. An arch top window is different in that it needs to fill an archway, meaning that you will need to change the structure of the window opening if it is rectangular at the present time.


If the two window styles are set flush in the home, they are very durable but rectangular as well as arch top windows can be installed with protruding casements. This can leave these windows open to damage from tree limbs, gravel and more.


An arch top window costs more than a rectangular window due to its unusual structure and not function.

Home Value

The windows that you choose for your home can increase the value of the home. Arched windows are very stately and appeal to many homeowners as something special. Rectangular windows are often the standard and add nothing more to the style of the home.