Architecture Homes: How to Create a Floating House Aesthetic

Architecture homes can vary widely from one to another. There are many ways to incorporate different elements of architecture in a home. There are also many different ways to create a "floating" house aesthetic. You can utilize everything from water to lighting to develop this type of pretty aesthetic in your home.

"Floating" Homes

Floating homes come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be located right on the coastal waterway or inland where permitted. There is almost no limit to what you can do aesthetically. Your biggest concern, if buying an older floating house, is to make sure the base is in good shape as it is this that keeps the house a float. Consider it as a chassis to which everything is connected.

Materials Used in Decorating

Let your imagination be your guide when choosing materials to decorate the outside or the interior of the home. Keep in mind that the home will be subject to high moisture conditions and even water contact all the time. Choose lightweight furnishings for the inside and out so you won’t overtax your floating structure.

Roof Coverings

For roof coverings consider using solar panels on the roof to supply and or supplement your electricity. Many solar panels come in a variety of sizes and shapes to lend a pleasing and attractive look to your roof and also can act as supplemental lighting just like a skylight would.

Using Windows as a Lighting Source

To extend the view of the outside to the inside you might consider using glass or translucent panels to create a window wall. One which you could look out of and gaze at what is happening. Pick a side that will give you the best view for what your interested in. You may want to just look at nature while relaxing indoors or you may want to see who is passing by with all its hustle and bustle.

Plants and Vegetation

On your porch or veranda you could have a multitude of hanging plants with a mixture of greenery and blossoms to transport your imagination to a tropical island.

Rain Collectors

You can include a rain collector which will feed into a holding tank to give you a supply of fresh water.

Exterior Lighting

Exterior warning lighting would be something to think about since you’re on the water, and could be subject to some fog. It is possible that you could have someone bump into your home when inclement weather conditions produce poor visibility. Lighting can also be used for the evening when you can sit out and enjoy the ambiance of being on the water, but make sure you have some type of citronella candles to ward off the insects.

Cantilevering an Addition

Try adding an addition by cantelevering with steel structural beams. Cantilevering can add a feeling of "weightlessness". It can also add a great deal to the design of your home and to the overall feel.