Are Camping Solar Hot Water Panels Easily Transportable? Are Camping Solar Hot Water Panels Easily Transportable?

One of the many solar powered accessories you can take with you while camping, solar hot water panels can harness the power of the sun to heat water. Rather than use batteries or electricity or take cold showers, solar accessories let you easily power small devices using the sustanable energy from the sun.

Portability of Solar Hot Water Panels

Many solar powered accessories are designed to go camping, but they are not all fully portable. Solar hot water bags used to heat up water for showers are lightweight and easy to carry. You may not be able to take a morning shower, but if you fill up the water bag in the morning, by the afternoon the solar panel attached to it will have transferred enough of the sun’s energy to make a quick, warm shower.

Solar hot water panels are solar powered devices used to generate electricity with which to heat up water, run razors, lights, chargers or radios. Because they work best with a lead acid battery to store the power collected from the sun, they are not that portable. However, they are a good way to generate electricity while car camping.

While solar water heating bags are very portable, solar power panels are not due to the fact that they are most effective when hooked up to a lead acid battery to store the solar energy.

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