Are Ceramic Heaters Safe?

ceramic heater

Ceramic heaters are a popular options for heating multiple areas in the home or office. But, is this type of heater safe to use? Although ceramic heaters have many advantages, here are a few things to consider about this machine's safety.

How a Ceramic Heater Works

This type of heater will warm a larger area than most space heaters that use coils will. Electricity goes through the ceramic to heat the machine. Then, the heat is absorbed by aluminum and hot air is blown into your area with a fan. Utilizing this technique, a ceramic heater remains cool because the plastic on the outside does not absorb the heat. This is an important safety feature that can prevent other nearby items from catching on fire. Still, be sure not to put your heater next to any flammable materials and allow for clearance around the heater.

Additional Safety Mechanisms

In addition to the inherent safety of this type of these energy-efficient devices, many ceramic heaters also have a built-in safety mechanism. For most of these types of heaters, if it tips over, it will automatically shut itself off. Some also come equipped with an overheat sensor to ensure they don’t get too hot. Also, unlike gas heaters, ceramic ones don't put off any hazardous emissions.

Safety Tips

Although these cost-effective heaters are fairly safe, it’s important to take precautions when using one. Use the heater on a flat surface that won’t subject it to being tipped over and never leave it unattended (even while sleeping). You should also never use extension cords with the device, and you should keep your ceramic heater away from water, pets, and unattended children.