Are cobblestone or concrete walkways more eco friendly? Are cobblestone or concrete walkways more eco friendly?

Concrete walkways are made from a mix that includes water, Portland cement and aggregate materials that commonly consist of sand, limestone and gravel. Cobblestones may be found naturally or manufactured into a consistent shape. Depending on the type of cobblestone you use for a walkway, it may or may not be more eco friendly than concrete.

Eco-Friendly Landscaping Materials

Found cobblestones are far more eco friendly than any type of concrete or fabricated landscape material. They are collected in nature and require no industrial process to break them down, clean or shape them. Concrete mix is produced by quarrying gravel and other stone materials. It requires a lot of fossil fuels to mine the materials and crush them. Plus, chemical additives are commonly put in concrete mix for bonding purposes which makes it even less eco friendly.

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