Are Dryer Vent Bird Guards a Good Idea?

An exterior dryer vent is a common nesting place for birds, particularly because of warmth that will attract birds. If you are considering whether or not a vent guard will likely protect your exterior dryer vent from nesting birds, the answer is that it can. But which type of guard or vent protection is best for your particular vent? Check out the following recommendations.

#1 – Vent Covers
You can purchase vent covers, or vent flaps online where you will find availability of many sizes, all of which will be easy for you to install.

#2 – Closure System
A closure system, also very easy to install, has an advantage over a vent cover in that it prevents cool air from coming in to your home during the winter months. This can boost your energy savings. The disadvantage of a closure system is that it is more expensive. This system consists of a cup that closes the vent entirely when the dryer is running.

#3 – Grate Vent
A grated vent offers 3 advantages: it prevent birds or other pests from entering the vent, it allows the air to flow freely from the dryer,  and it prevents lint from collecting in the vent.