Are Dryer Vent Kits a Worthy Purchase? Are Dryer Vent Kits a Worthy Purchase?

If you are installing or replacing a dryer vent, a dryer vent kit could be something worth purchasing. Consider the questions below to determing if buying a dryer vent kit is worthwhile.

What Kind of Kits Are out There?

A dryer vent kit contains a short piece of ducting, usually in a shorter length, such as 5, 7 or 8 feet, the dryer vent hood, and any clamps needed to install these items.

Another type of kit you may find is an interior dryer vent kit. These kits claim to collect all lint into a small box, usually plastic, and prevent you from needing to vent the dryer to the outside.

Can these Kits be Problematic?

The kits that contain a dryer vent hood generally have a flexible plastic or foil-covered piece of ducting hose as part of the kit. This kind of ducting is dangerous and in come cases, violates safety codes. The white plastic vent hose is against code nearly everywhere, and the foil covered flexible hose is not recommended.  Therefore, buying the elements separately and getting the safest and most effective pieces can actually save you money and give peace of mind in the long run.

Interior kits are also likely a violation of code. In most jurisdictions, dryers must be vented to the outside so that mold and lint don’t build up in the home and cause a fire or health hazard.

Should I buy a Dryer Vent Kit?

Buying a dryer vent kit may not be as well advised as say buying the parts yourself. You can save money if you know exactly what you need rather than having pieces from the kit you may not even use.

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