Are Electric Garage Heaters Safe around Gaseous Fumes?

Electric garage heaters are great additions to the garage. When installed, they help to warm the space. They are used in areas in the garage that may be used as work spots, or they may just be used to keep the chill out of the garage and maintain a constant temperature. Your electric garage heater can be installed alongside the walls or inset into the ceiling.

Safe Around Gas Fumes?

An electric garage heater is safe to use around gaseous fumes. Garages are generally used to store an automobile or two, gas fueled landscaping equipment such as snow blowers, lawn mowers and hedge trimmers. The electric heater uses electricity to warm the space. It does not use or suck in the fumes that may be emitted from the different components kept in your garage. It instead acts like more of a radiator and radiates the heat throughout the space. This therefore makes it great to use in the garage.

Location Installation Options

Ideally, you should place your heater alongside the wall, away from as many of the things and items stored in the garage. This will help to make sure that the heater is not knocked.