Are Electronic Door Locks Secure? Are Electronic Door Locks Secure?

If you are upgrading the security of your home, you may be considering electronic door locks. You may also be wondering how secure these door locks really are and if they are worth the additional cost.


Of all the electronic door locks, the battery-operated locks are the least secure. Due to the possible failure of the battery, which can cause a lock out, these locks can cause some aggravating problems. Many of this style lock are less expensive and come with other problems.

One problem is they usually have shorter numeric codes, usually four numbers. On some of these locks, you can enter the numbers in any sequence and the door will unlock. Most do not have the feature of preventing someone to continue after too many incorrect attempts at the code.

Electronic Locks

The more expensive, totally electronic locks are extremely secure. These locks have many fail-safe features, one of which is a longer numeric code password that is usually 6 or more numbers that must be in sequence. Many have a feature whereby if you jiggle the door handle, it counts as an attempt to open and you must wait a specified time to re-try, unless you also have a key entry. These locks are extremely well built and cost a bit more but are very reliable.

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