Are Fiberglass Windows better than Vinyl Windows? Are Fiberglass Windows better than Vinyl Windows?

Window replacement is a costly project that requires careful consideration. No one wants to pay more than is needed, or worse, make the wrong decision.

Both fiberglass windows and vinyl windows are high quality products that look good and will last for many years. Both offer low maintenance, although fiberglass frames need to be painted while vinyl does not. This could be a plus or a minus depending whether or not there is a desire to change the color every so often.  

Between the two, fiberglass is the more environmentally friendly. If tossed in a landfill, it would break down generations faster than vinyl.  When comparing the other pros and cons below, the final decision might simply depend on where the home is located.

Fiberglass Windows

  • Lasts longer than vinyl
  • Hardier in extreme climates
  • Not flammable
  • More expensive than vinyl

Vinyl Windows

  • Offers more insulation than fiberglass (more energy efficient)
  • Prone to warping and cracking in extreme temperatures
  • Flammable
  • Less expensive than fiberglass

A home in the mild climate of California may not warrant the extra cost of fiberglass when vinyl would suffice. However, fiberglass could be the better choice for the hard winters and humid summers of other areas. 

The most important element in any window replacement project is proper installation by a reputable source.


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