Are HEPA Air Purifier Filters Washable and Reusable? Are HEPA Air Purifier Filters Washable and Reusable?

A HEPA air purifier is not necessarily washable. HEPA filters are made out of loosely and randomly interlaced fibers that are not built to stand up to any stress beyond that of a vacuum cleaner. Washing a HEPA filter will destroy it in most cases. Even when the filter seems to still be intact to the naked eye, its structure has been rendered useless.

The term "HEPA filter" itself means High Efficiency Particulate Air filter, which is defined by its ability to remove at least 99.7 percent of particulates from the air. It is not based on any other factor such as its ability to be washed or reused. Some newer models of HEPA do claim to be washable and may indicate that they are "HEPA 4" air purifiers. However, this class of HEPA filter has no standardization and ultimately means nothing. Furthermore, there are currently no independent studies confirming that these "washable" models even work after having been washed. The only evidence that they are washable, currently, is that they do not completely fall apart.

Although it is almost certain that true reusable HEPA filters will be available some day, currently you should opt for purchasing new filters as the need arises.

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