Are Masonry Fireplace Doors Necessary? Are Masonry Fireplace Doors Necessary?

If you’re remodeling your home and the hearth is on your list, you may be asking yourself: are masonry fireplace doors necessary? Masonry fireplace doors are a particular type of fireplace barrier that provide another option from steel, brass, ceramic, glass, and wrought iron barriers. Fireplace doors, as with plumbing, heating, air conditioning and ventilating issues, are a remodeling area where you have many options.

Fireplaces and wood stoves should always have a door or at least a screen to prevent ash and cinders from a burning fire from escaping into the room. Some fireplaces are purely decorative and do not have an actual flame while others rely on gas or electricity for their heating.

Certain doors are required for a fireplace according to the manufacturer’s specifications, but masonry fireplace doors can be necessary for any fireplace that is not pre-fabricated. They are designed to work with both overlap fit and inside fit fireplaces. Overlap fit means the doors are bigger than the fireplace opening whereas inside fit works the opposite way: the opening is bigger than the door fixture. Masonry fireplace doors are fully assembled and come ready to install. The 3/16-inch tempered safety glass is heat resistant and attractive, and the sliding or bi-fold doors are easy to open. Whether your fireplace is made of brick, stone or marble, and whether it is rectangular or arched, there is a style of masonry fireplace doors that generally will fit your needs.

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