Are Mortarless Block Walls Stable? Are Mortarless Block Walls Stable?

Mortarless block walls have been around for centuries, are durable and low maintenance, making them a great choice to add to your yard’s unique landscaping. Originally made with rocks, these walls were developed as an inexpensive alternative to other walls using mortar.

How Mortarless Block Walls are Made

After digging a wide and shallow trench, the block walls are started with flat stones laid as a bottom course. Additional stones are then followed and are tightly interlocked in the same way that a traditional brick wall would be. Because of this careful and tight interlocking mortar is not necessary to hold the wall together. Mortarless walls are slanted backwards to prevent the ground from moving forward during heavy rains or flooding.

Though they seem like they may be unstable, these walls actually have been known to remain intact for centuries with no maintenance. They can also be built in squares and filled with soil to plant with vegetables and flowers for added accents on your property. These walls also can look great in a serpentine fashion highlighting key features on your land. 

If you want a low maintenance and inexpensive option for a retaining wall or property border, a mortarless block wall may be the solution for you.


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