Are the Pipes Sweating, or Do I have a Leaking Shower?

If you see water on your bathroom pipes, specifically your shower, you may wonder if the pipes are sweating or do you have a leaking shower?

Dry the Area

Dry off all the pipes and turn a fan on them or use a blow dryer on low heat to dry the entire area. Don't use a heat gun. You may want to leave the fan running for a couple of hours to get the area entirely dry. Unless there is a lot of moisture you should be able to use just rags to dry the pipes.

Determine Water Source

Let the pipes sit for a while or over night to see if moisture reforms. Don't use the shower during this time. If moisture reappears then most likely it is condensation. Condensation will form when moisture in a warm house hits cold pipes. Try running cold water only in your shower and letting the pipes sit. If moisture forms, again, its condensation.

Leaking Pipe

If water didn't reform on the pipes, then turn the water on in the shower and let it run for a while. Watch to see if there are any leaks in pipe joints or if the joints become moist. Also, watch for drips in a certain area of the pipes. This will confirm a leak, not condensation.