Are there ways to make my garage door bottom seal last longer?

Yes, you can make your garage door bottom seal last longer. If you apply a polyurethane-based seal directly to the existing garage door seal, you will have a permanent weatherproof seal. This seal usually includes a 1/2-inch barrier, that not only provides the snugness needed, but also solves problems caused by an uneven floor. This seal is available in lengths from 10 to 100 feet, and the kit includes the bonding material, although you may need a caulking gun to complete the job. There is another type of seal that you may want to employ, and this is a hose-like rubberized material, that fits onto the bottom of the garage door. Permanently bonded, it provides a tighter seal. Finally, if you have a more traditional seal attached to the garage door--it looks like a rubber skirt attached to a metal strip with screws that let you adjust it up and down--you may want to apply a rubber protectant, to keep it from reacting to sunlight as quickly, and adjust the rubberized area as often as neded.