Are ToolShop Brand Tools Any Good?

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As a regular power tools user, you might have heard about ToolShop brand tools. This power tool brand supplies tools for both home and professional use. Some of this equipment is a long-term investment, so determining the quality and effectiveness of these tools is important.

What Are Tool Shop Brand Tools?

Tool shop brand tools are tools made and supplied by ToolShop Brand, a brand from Menards hardware. Based on user reviews, these products appear to be high-quality, affordable, and safe to use. For example, the average rating of the Work Sharp WSKTS Knife is 4.7 out of five stars, despite a few concerns about blade speed causing potential damage.

That said, some members of our DIY forum aren't wild about them.

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What are Other Tool Options Available

If you are looking for another brand of tools apart from Tool Shop Brand Tools, you have plenty of options to choose from. Here are some of the other popular brand tool options.

DeWalt Tools

This is also a popular power tools maker. DeWalt tools are ranked among the best in the country, with many users choosing them. This brand of tools is highly recommended for both DIYers and professionals. If you are a DIYer, you will benefit from having sharp and powerful tools in your arsenal. With most of this brand's tool production facilities found in the US, DeWalt is a very reliable tool brand you can opt for. Its consistency and top quality make it a favorite among many users.

Makita Power Tools

You will also find the Makita Power Tools very reliable. As much as the brand's warranty program is not comfortable, their products are very durable. If you are a user that doesn't often break your power tools, this will be a great option for you. Most power tools come with a hammer driver drill, Recipro saw drivers, variable speed impact driver, and a circular saw. Most of the tools from this brand are produced in Japan but find their way into the country. There is also a production facility located in Buford, Georgia.

Milwaukee Tools

Another great option you can go for is power tools from Milwaukee Tools. Milwaukee Tools essentially manufactures most of its tools in China, and it's earned the trust and many accolades from tool buyers that find its tools reliable. The tools are also affordable and highly durable. The only downside regards Milwaukee Tools is the fact they can be a bit unsafe to use. Most of the tools have very sharp blades that could easily cause harm.

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How Do Tool Shop Brand Tools Compare to Other Tools

When buying tools, you always try to compare various features and settle on the best one. Therefore, if you are looking to buy Tool Shop Brand tools, it is important to know how they compare. Here are some of the main areas of comparison.


Compared to other tools, Tool Shop Brand tools are more affordable. Most online reviews suggest that users found these tools very affordable. In terms of cost, they are rated 4.5 out of five stars.


The quality of Tool Shop Brand Tools is also found to be good. According to user reviews, tools from Tool Shop Brand rank among the best in terms of quality. They get the job done on time and tend to last for long.


From the description, you can tell that tools from this brand are safe to use. Most users rank tools from this brand as among the safest. They're also comfortable to handle.

Things You Should Consider When Buying Power Tools

When buying power tools, there are several factors you should consider, some of them include:

Cord or Cordless

There are both cord and cordless power tools available on the market. Corded models have both pneumatic and electric pneumatic. On the other hand, cordless models are powered by batteries. Therefore, you should choose a power tool depending on your preferences.

Other Features

You also need to know the type of features needed. Just like any other product, power tools have different designs meant to serve various purposes. Some tools might be ideal for home use while others are meant for professional use. It is important to understand the need and purpose before buying power tools.