Area Central Air Conditioner Covers 101

Central AC without a cover.

If you have a central air system for your home, you may want to consider buying central air conditioner covers. A central air conditioning system is no small investment for your family, so it should be protected to last as long as possible.

What Is an Area Central Air Conditioner Cover?

If you are familiar with central air conditioning systems, you know the main unit is housed outside. This leaves the air conditioning unit exposed to all the elements. Over time, this can destroy or damage the unit and they are costly to repair or replace. An area central air conditioner cover is a protective unit that is placed over your outside air system.

Why Do I Need an Area Central Air Conditioner Cover?

As mentioned, your main air conditioning unit is housed outdoors. Not only does this leave the unit exposed to the natural elements of weather, it also leaves the unit wide open to other causes of damage.

An air conditioner cover will prevent small animals from nesting in your unit when it is not in use. A cover will also protect the system from dirt, dust, debris, leaves, or anything else that might be floating around outdoors. Keeping the area covered will lessen the risk of damage from debris floating into the vents.

You also need to protect your air conditioning unit from seasonal temperature change. Extreme heat and bitter cold are both risks of damage to your air system. A cover will decrease any potential harm that could be done.

Types of Air Conditioner Covers

Central AC without a cover.

There are two basic types of air conditioning covers for you to consider. The first cover is a hard-based cover. The second cover is a soft-based cover. Both types have their pros and cons to consider.

Hard-based covers: Hard-based covers are made of a heavy duty plastic material; some can even be magnetic. These types are not adjustable and fit right over the top of the unit.

Soft-based covers: Soft-based covers are typically constructed from a strong PVC material or from marine canvas. These are slightly more flexible but do require a snug fit.

How to Choose an Air Conditioning Cover

The first thing you will need to do is take a precise measurement of your outside air conditioning unit. This is how you will determine what size cover you need to purchase. Then you need to consider if your unit is a standard shape and size or irregular. This makes a difference in flexibility.

The rest of the decision is simply a personal preference. While there is no question that you need a cover to protect your unit, what you get doesn’t matter. The pricing of either unit is roughly the same. The materials are both great for protection. The only difference is that the soft based covers have a slight advantage on the fit. They are elasticized and normally have Velcro so you can make adjustments where necessary.

Whatever you decide, it is worth the investment and they are both easy to install. Typically no tools are needed.