Area Rugs Are Increasingly Under Foot Area Rugs Are Increasingly Under Foot

What can add softness, color and design to a room in a matter of moments? The answer is area rugs. No installation hassles. You just position the rug wherever you want it. If you want to make a change, you can do so quickly and easily.

Area rugs and runners are the fastest growing segment of the soft flooring industry. They can be understated and subtle or boldly colored with vivid design elements, such as geometrics or florals. They can add a focal point to a room that might otherwise look blasé with just a long expanse of vinyl tile, hardwood or carpet on the floor.

According to John Clarey of Shaw Industries, "Area rugs are the hottest new way to express personal style. They're an easy and relatively inexpensive way to add color to the floor."

Shaw's Color Palette line of high-end area rugs offers a variety of designs in 100 colors, ranging from pastels and true florals to natural tones.

Don Scarlata of Colonial Mills, whose company specializes in braided rugs, noted that area rugs are a natural complement to wood and vinyl floors, offering an added design element as well as comfort and protection of hard-floor surfaces.

Area rugs also are a great way to protect the high-traffic areas of carpet from soil and general wear-and-tear. With area rugs bearing the brunt of use, they can be taken up easily for regular cleaning. Thus, you can add additional years to your carpet while also expressing your personal style. So, not only are areas rugs fashionable, they are practical as well.

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