Art Framing Art Framing

Art framing highlights a work of art, safeguards it from dust and fingerprints, and keeps it in a controlled setting. The following factors are involved in framing images, be it painting framing or any type of art framing.


The ideal frame style will complement its art without overwhelming it. Prior to art framing such as photography or painting framing, ask the artist for their ideal way of displaying their art.

Glass or acrylic art frames

Art framing involves choosing from glass or acrylic:

  • Glass is less expensive, easier to clean, and more scratch resistant than acrylic.
  • Acrylic, often called Plexiglas, is lighter, less breakable, less sensitive to climate changes, and creates less glare than glass.


A mat is a rigid support between the art and the frame that prevents the work from damage such as being bent or folded. Matting also works to keep the art away from direct contact with the glass or acrylic surface. Furthermore, a mat contributes to the aesthetic element of painting framing and art framing in general.


All materials used in framing images, including painting framing, should be “archival,” meaning acid-free and composed of all-rag fiber.

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