Decorating with Art Deco Items and Replicas Decorating with Art Deco Items and Replicas

The Art Deco era embodies the glamour of the 1920s and 1930s. Innovative design coupled with new techniques of mass production served to make these items both exciting and affordable for their time. While many actual pieces from this era can be pricey and are extremely collectible today, they are available as are replicas to use throughout your home for decoration and use.

Art Deco design is vast. The movement is represented in architecture, furniture, jewelry, dinnerware, lamps, etc…Designers of this era strove for a modern look, designs and materials that departed from past eras like the Victorian age where designs were fraught with ornate details. Many Art Deco designs, instead, feature bold and sleek lines in simple geometric shapes. This is putting it simply, but once you delve into the world of Art Deco, you will find a wide array of designs to feature in a home setting. You will also discover a wide array of material choices—wood, steel and plastics like bakelite.

Art Deco examples—whether authentic or replicated—can be featured in every room of the house. Furniture of this period is incredibly varied. Differing styles, designs and materials make for a stunning array of pieces. When searching for pieces, choose bold forms and shapes. Heavy pieces like circular tables with hard wood veneer or sideboards in block shapes with simple knobs. Art Deco furniture is seldom dainty; it is nearly always substantial and solidly constructed.

Patterns of the era also seem to revolve around geometric shapes. Intertwining circles or even simple checkerboard patterns adorn many chairs and sofas. However, many pieces can be identified as Art Deco—not because of a pattern but rather a shape. A chaise-longue might be covered in plain green suede—but its back might be oddly curved and its support may rest on cylinder shapes as opposed to the carved legs of Victorian examples.

The wood of this era always seem to have a sheen—rosewood and satinwood veneers cause these pieces to glow. Frequently items like tables and screens feature wood inlays in designs that can also be described as simple and geometrical. Other pieces might be painted a single stunning color—often a primary color like black or red—and heavily lacquered.

Adding rugs, draperies or other textiles also means choosing signature pieces with telltale shapes and patterns. Squares, circles, triangles—certainly. But also flowers with bold geometric parts, arrows, multiple shapes—these are also Art Nouveau designs. Again, designs are bold and may even appear simple.

Of course, there is more to decorating a house than textiles and furniture. Art Deco flavored pieces are comprised of light fixtures, glassworks (vases, perfume bottles, ashtrays, decanters, etc.), ceramics (dresser boxes, vases, statuary), plastics like bakelite and celluloid (ring boxes, cabinet knobs, radios, etc.) and so much more.

Finding Art Deco replicas or pieces influenced by the era are easy enough. Auctions, antique shops, and flea markets are important places to find the real thing. Art Deco items can be mixed with pieces from other areas, but due to their signature styles, they will always be dramatic standouts for any room of the house.

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