Artistic Backsplash Patterns to Consider Artistic Backsplash Patterns to Consider

Backsplashes keep walls much cleaner, especially in the kitchen. When deciding on which type of backsplash to use, think about the colors in the area that will house the backsplash. They can be plain colors or an artistic backsplash pattern can be achieved. The following is a guide to the different types of patterns that look good as backsplashes.


Choose alternate colors to create a checkerboard pattern. Basic black and white will go with just about any color scheme.


Use square tiles to tile in a diamond pattern. Do one large diamond, or alternate colors as you would with a checkerboard pattern.


Hexagonal tiles are great for a country or antique look. As with square tiles, hexagonal tiles can be alternated with patterned tiles or solid colors.

Tile Borders

Tile borders can be added as a feature for plain colored tiles. Use a border along the top row of tiles or as center row.

Mosaic Tiles

For a more intricate design, mosaic tiles can be laid in just about any chosen pattern. Before purchasing and laying mosaic tiles, draw out the design on grid paper. Follow the grid when laying for an easy guide.

Glass Tiles

Use glass tiles for splashes of color in between ceramic tiles. These can also be used in much the same way as border tiles.

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