Create an Arts and Crafts Cabinet

An arts and crafts cabinet, also known as mission style cabinet, can be eaily created and they look great with a variety of different decors.

An arts and crafts cabinet will have clean lines that are square or rectangular, and it will be made from medium to dark wood. If you wish you can do an inlay. Leaded glass is commonly used.

Which Room is it best suited for?

This style of cabinet works in any room because of the warm, geometric lines. It's sleek simple lines make it a great choice for both the kitchen and bathroom. The pieces are sturdy and will last forever.

Making an Arts and Crafts Cabinet

Building your own cabinet from scratch is an option if you are good with your hands. You can buy plans online. If you aren't sure about your skill level you can also buy a cabinet that just needs assembling.

An arts and crafts cabinet will fit into just about any room theme serving either complementing or accenting the room.