Asphalt Rolled Roofing: Installation Tips

Installing asphalt rolled roofing requires patience and working carefully in order to properly apply the sheet to the roof. Rolled asphalt roofing used to be a task that was best left to a professional roof installer because of the skill required to lessen the danger of falling of a roof if improperly installed. Newer technologies has created asphalt rolled roofing that has a sticky adhesive back that allows it to adhere quicker and easier without the need of applying nails or staples every several inches in order to adhere the roofing material to the roof.

Take Care When Performing Roof Work

When working with asphalt rolled roofing, or any other roofing material for that matter, much care should be taken to make sure that you are safe and balanced throughout the installation of the roofing material. This includes wearing proper clothing for the installation process and observing safe installation techniques. It is best to work with another person who can act as a spotter as well as make sure that you do not put yourself in a position where you may increase the potential of being hurt or seriously injured.

Hoist the Material to the Roof

The asphalt rolled roofing should be carefully hoisted on the roof and placed near the area in which the installation is going to take place. The roll should be cut into manageable pieces that will allow you to work more efficiently when installing it to the roof. Most of the asphalt rolled roofing that is marketed is designed for use on roofs that are low sloping. The material helps provide a waterproof barrier that along with the flashing, gutters and downspouts, keeps moisture from accumulating in the roof and attic area of your home.

Remove all Debris from the Roof

Prior to the actual installation of the asphalt rolled roofing material you should make sure that all of the debris that was created when the old roof was removed is cleaned up. This includes pulling up every staple and nail that is left behind, as well as pounding the nails as deep as you can into the roof so that they do not rip or tear the asphalt rolled roofing when you install it.

Apply Primer and Drip Edge

A primer substance may need to be applied to the roof prior to the installation of the asphalt rolled roofing. The primer will help to improve the adhesion of the roofing material. Spread the primer as instructed and allow a period of at least a half of an hour for it to cure before commencing with the installation of the asphalt roofing material. 

Attach the metal drip edge and begin applying the manageable strips that your pre-cut. Work from the lowest level of the roof to the highest point. Peel back the adhesive backing and press firmly in place once the material has been properly set. Be sure to overlap the rows as you work upward and before you know it you have completed the installation of the asphalt rolled roofing material.