Assemble A Porch Swing In 4 Steps

What You'll Need
4x4-inch pieces of lumber, 8 feet long (5)
2x4-inch, 8-feet long pieces of lumber (4)
A-frame brackets(2)
Porch swing plans
Tape measure
Wooden bench
Eye hooks (4)
Chain; cut to suit

If you have a porch or a nice backyard garden sanctuary, why not add to your outdoor living space by building your own porch swing? The following steps will show you how to assemble your own A-frame style porch swing with minimal cash out of your pocket while re-purposing old materials.

Step 1: Choosing the A-Frame Design

The most attractive style of porch swing is an A-frame. This type of swing is free-standing, which means you can move it from the porch to the garden whenever you like. The only problem with this style of swing is making it fit.

This is where the re-purposing comes into play instead of buying an actually porch swing or building one from scratch. Measure the space where you will be placing the swing and use that to pick out the bench you will use.

Step 2: Cutting the Wood

In order to make the A-frame you need to know how big to make it.

Measure the height of the porch the swing will be on and cut four of the 4x4-inch pieces of wood to suit lengthwise. These pieces of wood will become the basic frame.

Cut the 2x4-inch pieces of wood in half. These will be in the center of the legs to brace the frame. You will have to trim the lengths to fit once the legs are assembled.

Remove the legs from the bench with your saw.

Step 3: Assembling the A-Frame Stand

Begin with the 4x4-inch pieces of lumber by attaching the A-frame brackets to them. When you are finished you'll have 2 "V" shapes that will become the legs of the porch swing.

Trim the 2x4-inch pieces of wood to fit between the legs of the A-frame and screw them in place. These will act as added support to keep the A-frame stable.

Stand up the A-frame sides and attach the remaining and uncut 4x4-inch piece of lumber between the V-shapes. The porch swing will hang from this beam.

Step 4: Attaching the Bench

Measure the length of the bench and use that measurement to determine the placement of the bolts that came with the A-frame brackets. Attach the bolts to the cross beam of the A-frame at the same length of the bench.

Install the eye hooks to the top of the bench arms placing one in the front and one in the back of each arm.

Move the A-frame to where you want it as the finished swing will be very heavy. With the A-frame in place you can now move the bench.

Attach both of the chains to the bolts on the assembled A-frame. Do not worry if the chains are a little long as it is better for them to be too long than too short as you can cut them later.

Connect the chains to the eye hooks you installed on the bench.