Assemble Large Patio Umbrellas Without Blowing Your Cover Assemble Large Patio Umbrellas Without Blowing Your Cover

Large patio umbrellas are a great item to add to your patio set, though their size can make them difficult to deal with during assembly. Here are a few tips to make the job easier and help you get them set up without blowing your cover.

Grab a Helper

It’s a good idea to have someone with you to lend a hand when you assemble a large patio umbrella. You may need them to hand you a tool, help you set the large umbrella up or lend a hand keeping things steady. Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

Look for Diagrams

The large umbrellas you can find in stores are available in a wide variety of styles and functions. You can find straight umbrellas, curved umbrellas and even lighted umbrellas. No matter the style, however, they will always come with assembly instructions. Try to find one that includes a diagram as well. It’s much easier to compare the directions with a diagram whenever possible.

Check the Weather

It's important to try to time the assembly right. If your local forecast is calling for a chance of rain or high winds, it may be best to leave the umbrella disassembled in your garage until the weather will be calmer. Wind and rain can make this kind of large-item outdoor assembly highly difficult, and rushing to beat the weather isn’t going to help you either.

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