Assembling A Fun Tiki Bar Assembling A Fun Tiki Bar

If you've thought about assembling a tiki bar, you're in luck; this article will give you an idea of how to do so. 

Not only are tiki bars fun, they are also relatively easy to make. All you need is a bar, a thatched roof and some kitschy decorations.

Buy or Make a Bar of Desired Shape and Size

First you need a bar. Buy, assemble or make your own bar according to your preferences. If you are building your own, keep in mind that the bar should be U-shaped, with straight or curved angles. Build it according to your desired size. Common materials used for surfaces are plywood, laminate, or straw.

Buy or Construct a Fun Thatched Roof

Tiki roofs are thatched. You can buy thatched roofs ready-made and attach them to your bar or you can make one yourself. Create a thatched roof by using straw, palm fronds or large leaves. Tiki bars are fun; don’t be afraid to get creative. Attach the leaves or straw to a piece of plywood, which you will attach to the top of the bar.

You can implement bamboo, seashells, and other oceanic or “tiki” flavored objects throughout your design. Tiki bars are meant to be festive, let that come through.


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