Assembling A Portable Closet

a closet with linens

A portable closet is an excellent storage method for seasonal clothing items. These closets are often stored in the attic or in a garage where they are out of sight.

Types of Portable Closets

A typical portable closet consists of a metal frame and is enclosed with a canvas or plastic covering with zippers or Velcro closures. Usually, clothing is hung from the frame, but some have more than one clothing bar, allowing for more versatility when arranging clothing.

Another type of portable closet is one that combines a hanging bar and plastic or cardboard drawers.

One of the more recent innovations in portable closets is the plastic hanging bag that can be vacuum sealed. These closet hanging bags preserve clothing by preventing damage by moisture and insects, plus they save space since excess air is removed with the vacuum. When storing bulky clothing or large amounts of clothing, these portable closet bags can be a lifesaver if space is at a premium.


In many cases, assembling a portable closet is a fairly straightforward process. If you have purchased a closet with instructions included, carefully unpack all of the elements in the package and make sure that you have everything you need, before you begin assembling.

If the closet has a metal frame, carefully put together the frame, attaching all of the poles until you can see the structure clearly, including the hanging bar for the clothing. Make sure that all of the connections are strongly attached and hold firmly as you place items on the bar. Be careful not to over encumber the bar with clothing because it might not be strong enough to support the weight of the clothes. If you have a great deal of clothing, it may be necessary to have more than one portable closet.

If the portable closet also has cardboard or plastic drawers, lay out all of the pieces and assemble the drawer boxes. Make sure that you completely attach the bottom of the drawers to the sides of the drawers. You can also provide extra support for the drawers by using duct tape to reinforce the corners. It may be helpful to place a line of tape on the each side of the bottom of the drawers and another inside the drawer assembly. This tape serves as a runner and helps the drawer slide more easily in and out of the opening.

Portable closets and drawers are an excellent way to store seasonal clothing, to get more organized or to temporarily put clothing aside during times of transitional housing. Assembling portable closets is an easy process and can usually be accomplished quickly.