A piece of astragal molding is a common piece of material that usually has a half circle carving on it. An astragal can be used for trim, molding, or as the edge on a pair of French doors. It is really easy to install, and enhances a room's quality greatly.

  • Use a tape measure to determine how long your astragal must be.
  • Mark off the correct length of the molding and cut it off with a hack saw.
  • Fix the astragal to the wall with finishing nails or caulking glue.

If you are fitting two pieces of astragal together you will have to cut them at an angle so they join together. You cannot overlap the molding because of its outer shape.

Places to use Astragal

Thin pieces of astragal are used to trim all different types of materials. It can be seen making up the cross sections of window panes and on the front of a door. Some people use it to add dimension to their cabinets. A popular trend uses large boxes of astragal to decorate the walls of the room. This gives wall a much more elegant appearance and makes the rooms seem warmer.