Astroturfing 101: How to Remove the Artificial Turf

What You'll Need
Garden hose
Garbage bags
Putty knife
Utility knife
Adhesive remover
Heat gun
Boiling water

Astroturfing is the process of installing astro turf to you deck, patio or other hardened surface. The point of astroturfing is to create a simulated lawn, without all of the upkeep and maintenance that a normal lawn has associated with it. Astroturfing does have its flaws, as the material can become heavily worn out, torn and stained. You can remove the astro turf, and then replace it with new material or leave it off entirely. Removing the material you used during your astroturfing efforts takes time and the right tools for the job. The following article will show you how to remove the astro turf.

Step 1 – Manageable Pieces

When you take part in astroturfing, you generally use whole sheets of astro turf to finish the project. Installing astro turf in this fashion creates a seamless surface, which is important to a great astroturfing project. This, however, makes it more difficult to remove. In order to make the removal process easier, you need to create an access point for you to grip on. Use the utility knife to cut the astro turf near an edge. Slice through the turf down its entire length. Make cross slices in the astro turf, so that each piece is a square which can be removed and then easily disposed of.

Step 2 – Lift off the Pieces

Now that you have successfully cut the astro turf in to smaller pieces, you can remove them. This can be easy, but it may also prove to be somewhat difficult. Choose a section to try to remove. Simply pull up on it at one of the edges that is not glued down. If the whole piece is adhered, remove as much of the astro turf as possible. Place the removed pieces in a garbage bag for disposal. If sections of astro turf are stubbornly stuck, pour boiling water over the adhesive. This may loosen the adhesive enough to make removal of the piece easier. Use the putty knife to help scrape the floor as you pull on the piece. The combination of both activities can be very effective in removal. Continue like this, until all of the pieces have been removed.

Step 3 – Removing Adhesive

Once you have pulled up all of the astro turf, you will be left with unsightly areas of dried glued or other types of adhesive. If you try to install new astro turf, it will not lay flat. If you plan to leave the floor bare, then the glue will be an eyesore. The glue that remains on the floor can be removed by reconstituting it. Do this by heating the adhesive with a heat gun. Gently warm the glue, until it becomes soft, and then scrape it from the floor using a trowel. Any glue that remains can be removed with an adhesive remover.