Asymmetrical Tile Floor Shower Design Asymmetrical Tile Floor Shower Design

Similar to a jig-saw puzzle, or mosaic; creating an asymmetrical tile floor shower design requires lots of planning.

Grid It Out

It is absolutely necessary to create the design on paper first. Grid paper is already marked out into squares; making it easier to work with geometrical shapes.

  • Scale a piece of grid paper down to the correct size of the shower floor.
  • Draw the design out on the grid paper.
  • When tiling -- follow the grid to a tee.

Right-Angled Triangles with Squares

Two triangles should fit into one square. Do two triangles then one square. Reverse the angles of the triangles for the next row and continue alternating each row. Tiles can be the same color or a series of colors.

Triangles and squares can be used to make a spiral pattern. A triangle between each square will give an angle at each turn.

Octagonal with Right-Angled Triangles

Use triangles on four corners of the octagonal tiles. Lay the edges of the octagonal tiles along the triangles. Don't line them up next to each other.



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