At Home Car Wash Water Recycling Basics At Home Car Wash Water Recycling Basics

When you regularly undertake the work necessary for your own car wash, water recycling ideas are useful to help prevent water wastage. Knowing what use the water can be put to will help to ensure that the process is guaranteed to be an environmentally friendly one.


The first step necessary is to prevent the need for car wash water recycling in the first place. Opt for a bucket filled with water instead of a hose to reduce the volume of water needed and use a sponge to rinse, rather than pouring water over the car.   


After a car wash, water recycling will be more beneficial for certain tasks more than others due to the possible water contamination. However, it can be used for cleaning exterior aspects of your home, such as the walls and guttering. It can also be used to clean doorsteps, pathways and gardening equipment.


The water that remains after being used to rinse the car after it has been washed can be used to water plant life. In the event that the water is not completely clean, it is prudent to limit the use of this water to grass and trees rather than flowers or vegetables.

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