Attach A Window Box In 5 Steps

What You'll Need
Socket Wrench
"L" Brackets
Lag Screws

One of the easiest ways to add value to your home and increase your home's aesthetics is by adding a window box. A window box is a more pleasing alternative to a hanging planter, and you are essentially making a window planter. Window boxes can be expensive if you pay someone to make and install them.

It is better for you to purchase pre-made window boxes made out of pressure treated (and water resistant wood) or fiberglass, as it will be less expensive. These boxes can easily be painted, and they come in varying lengths and widths. They are made so that they hang slightly away from the exterior wall to prevent water from being trapped (and causing damage to your home). You can hang these boxes in just 4 simple steps.

Step 1 - Window Box Placement

Now that you have purchased your window box (or boxes), it is time for you to decide just where you want them to be attached. Your house has many windows and each of them can have a window box. The most used location, which increases curb appeal, is in the front of the house, especially on the second floor (if you have one).

Step 2 - Marking it Off

When you have decided where your window boxes will go, you need to mark the area so you will know where to attach the window box. Now, use your pencil and mark off the bottom of the window box 1/4 of the way toward the center from each side. You will be using these markings as a guide to know where brackets will be in order to support the weight of the window box and its content. Next, turn the window box over and place the brackets on the window box to line up the markings. Using the pencil, make another pencil mark where the screw hole is on the bracket. This is where you will attach the window box to the bracket.

Step 3 - Drilling

Double check window box placement and bracket attachment before drilling. When you are ready, place one bracket on the wall at your mark, and drill a guide hole 1/2 inch in (and repeat at the other mark).

Step 4 - Attaching the Window Box

Now that you have your holes drilled, you can now attach the window box. Place an achor in to each hole you drilled under your window and lightly tap in with the hammer. Line up the brackets with the holes, and drill in your lag screws. Tighten them very snugly with the socket wrench. Next, place the window box on top of the brackets, lining the window box marking up with the holes in the brackets. Drill lag screws into the window box from the bottom of the bracket until they are firmly in place.

You may now begin to use your window boxes by painting them and filling them with whatever flowers you choose. You have just fabricated a beautiful accent for your home's exterior.