Attach Hardware to Glass Tile

Glass tile can be a beautiful addition to any room. From a kitchen back splash to bathroom walls, glass tiling is capable of completing the look of a decoration work in progress. However, when it comes to adding hardware onto glass tiles, many homeowners balk. Drilling into glass tile seems like a foolhardy endeavor but, in reality, attaching hardware to glass tile is a common and relatively safe procedure. It simply requires the correct equipment and technique.

Drilling into Glass

Large Holes

When attempting to make large holes for pipes in your tiling, you must use a diamond coring bit. When using a diamond coring bit, it is of absolute importance that you frequently cool the bit with water. Professional installers will usually invest in a water jacket for their bit, but if you will not be frequently drilling into glass tile for other people, or will only be drilling a little bit, buying a water jacket is not necessary.

Small Holes

For drilling smaller holes, you do not need to use a diamond bit. The tile must be made to stand up and perpendicular to the drill. You can usually accomplish this by clamping the tile into place. Although water cooling is not necessary, as it is with the diamond bit, be sure to keep the bit lubricated with water or turpentine. To avoid jagged edges on the exit side of the hole, drill halfway through on 1 side, and then finish drilling through from the opposite side.

Anchored Fixtures

In order to affix anchored fixtures onto tile with a drill, you must first make a hole in the tile. This hole should be 3 millimeters wider than your anchoring screws. The idea is to keep anything you attach from touching the tile directly; if your fixture touches the tile directly, you risk undue stress reaching the tile and shortening its lifespan.

Be sure to drill slowly, no matter what kind of hole you are attempting to make, so you do not prematurely age your drill. In addition, always wear protective eye wear, such as goggles, to avoid injury to your eyes.

Although it is possible to drill tile that has already been attached, it is much easier to drill beforehand, so you should make an effort to drill everything that must be drilled before installing the tile.

Gluing onto Glass

When gluing anything onto glass tiles, it is necessary that you use a specific kind of glue. Organic glues are not suitable for either affixing glass tiling onto a surface or for attaching fixtures to glass tiling. However, in a situation where you have no choice but to use glue with glass tile, there are brands of glue available made to bond certain materials to glass. Many of these glues, especially those that dry clear, require special conditions will drying, so be sure to carefully read any instructions on the glue you decide to buy. For example, UV glass glue requires sunlight to bond correctly.

Be careful that you choose a glue suitable for your project. Mastic, although good for making mosaics with glass tiling, is not suitable for attaching hardware to glass tiling or for attaching glass tiling to a wall.

Always be sure to use an appropriate amount of glue. If you are prone to using an excessive amount, this problem will be magnified when you are working with glass tile. You could end up with unsightly globs of paint around your fixtures and tiles, and your work will look unprofessional and ugly.