Attaching Canvas to a Foam Board

What You'll Need
Foam board
Utility knife
Plastic sheet
Spray adhesive

Foam board is used for a wide variety of projects and is found in many sizes. Smaller, more standard foam board sizes can be found at department stores while larger sizes can be procured from an art supply or craft store. Those involved in painting can use foam board as a cheap alternative to standard art canvas. The article that follows will show you how to attach canvas to a foam board.

Step 1 - Cutting the Foam Board

Choose the thickness of foam board that you need. If you cannot find the size you want then purchase a larger size and trim it to what you need. Place the foam board on top of the cardboard. The cardboard will act as a barrier between the foam board and the work surface. Use the ruler and pen to measure the board to the size you need. Trim the foam board with the utility knife. Cut the board as quick and as steady as you can without veering too far off your lines.

Step 2 - Trim the Canvas

The canvas needs to be able to wrap around the foam board. Lay the canvas material down on the work surface and place the cut foam board on top of the canvas. Measure two inches away from the foam board and make a hash mark around each side. Remove the foam board and trim the canvas with the scissors. Do not worry if your cuts are slightly uneven because they will not be visible to anyone.

Step 3 - Attaching the Canvas to the Foam Board

Place the plastic sheet over your work area in order to protect it. Spread your canvas out on the plastic sheet. Make sure that it is completely smooth and that there are no wrinkles present. Also make sure that the side you will not be using is facing up because you do not want to ruin the canvas. Hold the spray adhesive several inches away from the foam board and lightly spray it. Allow the adhesive to start getting tacky by allowing it to sit for about 30 seconds. Center the foam board over the canvas and when you are satisfied you can gently place the foam board on the canvas. Flip the foam board over and smooth the canvas out by pressing it down and away from the center of the foam board.

Step 4 - Edging

Wait approximately 10 minutes then flip the project over so the back of the foam board is now up on the work surface. Spray a line of adhesive along one of the short ends of the foam board. Wait about 30 seconds then pull the canvas back and press it down on the adhesive. Repeat with the other end that is short. Spray the adhesive along one long side, wait 30 seconds then fold the canvas over. Repeat with the remaining long side. You may have to trim some of the canvas if bunching occurs so it will lay flat.