Attaching Television Wall Mounts for Beginners

Attaching television wall mounts to the walls surrounding entertainment centers is a fantastic way to display cutting edge high definition televisions. However, it is also a task that is liable to intimidate the typical weekend handyman. After all, it involves working with an assortment of mounts, brackets and tools. This article will teach even the most novice handyman how to properly install television wall mounts.

Purchase a Dependable Television Mounting Kit

If you're not much of a handyman, you'll be pleased to learn of the existence of television wall mounting kits. These kits typically contain wall mounts, brackets, installation templates and screws and can be obtained at virtually any home improvement or electronics specialty shop. Their prices generally run the gamut from $25 to $75. As you may have inferred, the less expensive kits are designed for smaller televisions, whereas the pricier kits are designed for larger ones. The type of kit you buy will ultimately depend on the size of your high definition television, so when shopping around, make sure to select a kit that accommodates televisions in your size range. You may also want to read through online consumer reviews of certain kits before committing to buy.

Locate Your Wall Stud

Once you've located a suitable television wall mounting kit, you're ready to choose the wall upon which your high definition television will be mounted. This task will require you to incorporate the aid of an electronic stud finder to seek out a wall studs that won't buckle under the weight of your television. After finding a nice, sturdy stud in your desired mounting area, use a pencil to draw an "X" over the walled area in which the stud is contained.

Attach Your Bracket

Now that you've located your stud, use a screwdriver to securely attach the back end your television wall mount to the stud. While performing this task, it is recommended that you have someone hold the mount firmly in place. When the connection process has been completed, lightly jiggle the newly attached mount. If the mount gives off any movement, it was not screwed in tightly enough.

Attach Your Television Brackets

After your mount is properly in place, use your screwdriver to attach the brackets that were included in your television wall mounting kit to the back end of your high definition television. The right and left corners of your television's back end should feature screw holes specifically intended for this task. Once your brackets have been screwed on to your television, use your screwdriver once more to attach your freshly bracketed television to your brand new television wall mount. If all went according to plan, your wall mount will bring you many years of dependable use.