A Color Guide for Remodeling Attics and Basements A Color Guide for Remodeling Attics and Basements

As the kids get older and need a space of their own, an attic or basement remodeling may be just what is needed. It is an opportunity to bring life to spaces that may have only served as storage areas. The chance to remodel allows you to make changes to the color palette and be creative. Consider this advice on planning the color scheme of your remodeled attic or basement.

Light Versus Earth Tones

Choosing colors for the basement or attic remodel depends on how you plan to use the space. You may want to introduce lighter tones in to the spaces, particularly in the basement. Lighter colors will brighten the area and make the room feel airy and light.

A palette of lighter hues, such as blue, yellow, and green may be good choices. Blue creates feeling of peace. Green is lively and life-giving. Reds are good for work areas because they are exciting and powerful.

Earth tones, on the other hand, bring shades that are dusky (blue, purple and pink), earthy (variations of gray and brown) and even teal. These colors are noted for bringing a calming feel to a room.

Colors for Closed Spaces

You can use earth tones in a basement or attic, as long as you avoid dark or deep shades that make the space feel closed and oppressive.

Because both attics and basements tend to have fewer windows, using lighter shades of whatever color palette you choose is often a good idea.

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