Little Known Attic Flooring Options

Attic flooring is an ideal way to make better use of your attic by being able to walk around in the space and take advantage of its storage potential. Attic flooring is typically installed on top of floor joists, to which it is attached by nails or screws. While plywood is a typical choice for attic flooring, there are other options available.

Attic Flooring Options

One alternative to plywood is modular flooring of individual, interlocking panels made of durable, hard plastic. Another is rolls of eco-friendly bamboo sheets manufactured specifically for the typical space between floor joists, so installation involves less tailoring. Bamboo is more resilient and stronger than typical woods, such as pine, and synthetics, such as vinyl.

Attic Flooring and Insulation

When installing attic flooring, homeowners may make the mistake of compressing their insulation, thus compromising its ability to trap air. Because the above-mentioned flooring options allow air to pass through the materials, the insulation below can breathe and won't trap moisture in your attic.

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