All About Attic Vents

What Are Attic Vents?

Attic ventilators are small ventilators or fans which are placed either on top of a roof or at the peak of the roof on the side of the house. Attic ventilators allow for airflow through the attic, which is extremely important for a variety of reasons.

Why You Need One

The temperatures in attics reach extremes in both cold and hot weather. Anyone going up into the attic in winter or summer has experienced this. At the peak of summer heat, an attic temperature can easily rise past 100 degrees.

Attic ventilators will release a lot of this heat and allow for airflow to cool the attic naturally. In winter, the need for attic ventilators has more to do with humidity than cold. Moisture in an attic can harm it in terms of deterioration of insulation materials and wood rot.

Attic ventilators keep the air dried by releasing the moisture and protect the attic in winter. It is highly recommended that every house have attic ventilators sufficient to cool the attic and to remove winter moisture.