Attic Insulation 2 - Tools and Materials Checklist

In part 1 of this series, you learned about the concept of R-value, as well as the need to verify that your new insulation meets the standards of your local building code. This installment lists all the tools and materials you will need to install your new insulation.

Tools for Fiberglass

Materials for Fiberglass

Tools for Blown-In Cellulose

Materials for Blown-In Cellulose

Tools for Rigid Foam Panels

Materials for Rigid Foam Panels

Tools for Ventilation

Materials for Ventilation

That's it! Whatever kind of insulation or ventilation you choose to install, the tools you need are right here. Just keep this list handy as you move forward with your project. Speaking of which, part 3 in this series has all the information you'll need to do the job safely.