Werner's Easy Access Attic Ladder 2 - Tools and Materials

In part 1 of this guide to installing the Easy Access Attic Ladder by Werner, you learned that this is the right project for you and you are the right person to complete it. Now that that's out of the way, it's time for part 2, which consists of a checklist of tools and materials, as well as some possible shipping damage to check your ladder for before you install it.

Contents of the Attic Ladder Box

  • 1 attic ladder and door assembly—do not disassemble to install
  • 1 attic ladder frame assembly
  • 1 hardware pack
  • 1 adjustment wrench

Ladder Inspection Checklist

  • Check wooden door panel for splits
  • Check all metal parts for damage such as bends and cracks
  • Check that all rivets are tight

Tools and Materials Needed


  • 1 person who is capable of lifting the 55-pound attic ladder into the overhead space.

Lumber and Nails

Step Ladder

  • You need a stepladder that is tall enough so that you can get into the overhead space without stepping above the working height of the stepladder. The working height of the stepladder is two steps down from the top.
  • Your stepladder must also have a duty rating that is greater than the sum of your weight plus the 55-pound weight of the attic ladder. Caution: be careful when using a stepladder to climb into and out of the overhead space.

Tools for Opening/Installation

Safety Equipment

Now, you have all the requisite tools, but that's not enough. You need the proper location for your new Easy Access Attic Ladder. Learn how to find it in part 3.